Fort Worth Star Telegram (1897-1991)
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Quick Facts

  • Firsthand accounts of major 20th century events from Texas and beyond
  • Explore the rise of important industries in Fort Worth, from oil to cattle to the military
  • Ideal for a broad range of users, including researchers, students and genealogists


With a masthead reading “Where the West Begins,” the Fort Worth Star Telegram aimed to capture local news and events from a vast swath of Texas, spanning 84 counties. For nearly a century—from its early days delivered by stagecoach to its later years as an internationally-renowned publication—the Fort Worth Star Telegram provided unmatched news, editorials and photography from not only Texas but around the world.

The rise of the Queen City of the Prairies
At the turn of the century, Fort Worth was booming. The Texas and Pacific Railway had recently arrived, several meatpacking plants opened and a gas pipeline was being built to supply the city’s newly-tripled population with energy. After World War I, the oil industry gave Fort Worth’s economy yet another boost: with its strategic location between major oil fields, it became home to several important refineries. The Fort Worth Star Telegram documented the rise of these and other industries, and of the city’s transformation from rough cattle town to modern metropolis.

A uniquely Texas view of 20th century events
In addition to providing news and analysis of local and regional events like the Dust Bowl, the construction of Casino Park and the expansion of Texas military bases, the Fort Worth Star Telegram offers a uniquely Texas view of global and national news. From World War II to the Vietnam War; civil rights to the assassination of JFK, the Fort Worth Star Telegram is an essential source of 20th century history. The paper also championed the creation of Big Bend National Park and won several pulitzers for international photojournalism and for an investigation that exposed a flaw in helicopter design that led to numerous crashes.

An American Newspaper Archive
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