Springfield Republican (1844-1946) & Springfield Union (1947-1988)
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Quick Facts

  • More than 100 years of the Springfield Republican — one of America’s most renowned newspapers
  • Fascinating insight into Massachusetts and U.S. history, culture and daily life
  • Ideal for a broad range of users, including researchers, students and genealogists


Known as “The City of Firsts,” Springfield, Massachusetts has long been a center for invention and commercial development. The largest city in Western Massachusetts, Springfield was home to America’s first gasoline-powered automobile, first game of basketball and first successful radio station. The Springfield Republican provides more than a century of coverage of these and thousands of other great Massachusetts moments.

Renowned for its literary quality
Established as a rural weekly by Samuel Bowles II, the Springfield Republican became a daily in 1844. From the beginning, it was a well-written, conservative paper that focused on local news, eventually covering nearly every town and village along the Connecticut River. By the mid-19th century, the paper had acquired the largest circulation of any daily paper in New England.

Under the editorship of Samuel Bowles III, the Republican became increasingly respected for its excellent literary quality. The younger Bowles helped turn the paper into a school for young journalists, urging its reporters to “Put it all in the first sentence.” Alongside concisely written news and forceful editorials, the Republican also published influential sermons, short fiction and poetry, including anonymous works by Emily Dickinson.

Extensive regional news coverage
During the 20th century, the Republican grew to feature detailed news reporting on Springfield, The Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts. The paper chronicled the boom-and-bust of regional industries during periods of war and depression as well as local cities and towns buoyed by their colleges and universities. To continue local coverage after the demise of the Republican in 1946, the Springfield Union (1947-1988) is included.

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