Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives
From the Archives of the Central Intelligence Agency

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  • Five unique new modules provide needed insight into today’s most relevant topics
  • Ten primary source collections capture the defining historical events and movements of the 20th century
  • Includes “Suggested Searches” tool to help students and researchers understand the subject matter easily and seamlessly


Nuclear weapons. Global propaganda. World protest movements. America at war. East-West policy and politics. Each of these subjects is ripped from today’s headlines. Now, this newly expanded family of digital resources provides global perspectives on these extraordinarily important research areas. Students and researchers are increasingly looking to 20th-century geopolitics to complement and inform a variety of projects and disciplines. These ten collections from the Archives of the Central Intelligence Agency—including five added in 2018—offer penetrating insight into the modern world and reveal unprecedented opportunities for teaching and scholarship.

Each is comprised of primary source documents from around the world, including government publications, magazines, newspapers and transcribed television and radio broadcasts, all collected and translated by the CIA between 1941 and 1996. Students and faculty will find these resources essential for classes on 20th-Century World History, Global or International Studies, Foreign Relations, Modern Diplomacy, the Cold War and others. For current events-focused classes, the resources offer countless starting points for discussion, analysis, and pro/con assessment across a period of nearly 50 years.

Pravda Archive, 1959-1996
This collection of translated articles from the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist Party offers insight into Russian and global history, beginning with the Cold War and carrying through to the Soviet Union’s collapse, and beyond.

American Proxy Wars: Korea and Vietnam
Covering global reaction to the Korean and Vietnam wars, these materials offer in-depth analysis and coverage of the wars themselves, including key events leading to and following both conflicts.

Nuclear Arms and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Providing insight into arms-reduction initiatives and the evolution of weapons of mass destruction, this collection ranges from the bombing of Hiroshima to the Cold War and beyond.

Propaganda and the Chinese Press
These unique materials gathered by the CIA focus on the evolving role the Communist Chinese press and propaganda played in international affairs across much of the 20th century.

World Protest and Reform Movements
From political protests like China’s Tiananmen Square to workers’ rights and environmentalism, these materials capture global reactions to the century’s most consequential protest and reform movements.

Apartheid: Global Perspectives, 1946-1996
Apartheid, the Afrikaans word for “apartness,” defined life in South Africa in the mid-20th century. As white colonists systematically stripped away the rights of Native Africans, the effects of their actions seeped through South Africa, reverberating throughout the continent and the world. Nowhere is the worldwide reaction to apartheid captured as thoroughly as in Apartheid: Global Perspectives, 1946-1996. This fully searchable digitized collection contains nearly 60,000 translated news broadcasts and publications, written by both the people who experienced apartheid and those around the world who watched, reacted to and analyzed it.

American Race Relations: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996
As America transitioned from the Jim Crow era to the Civil Rights movement and beyond, the rest of the world paid close attention. The only comprehensive collection covering these foreign reactions to America’s racial struggles in the mid-20th century is American Race Relations: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996. In addition to providing unique viewpoints on America’s fight for racial justice, this fully searchable online collection also offers rare insight into race relations in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Cold War: Global Perspectives on East-West Tensions, 1945-1991
From the end of World War II to the early 1990s, the Cold War was the central driving force in global politics. In addition to nuclear arms races and shifting military alliances, the Cold War years had a critical impact on many of today’s most intriguing research topics, from technology to terrorism, immigration to international politics. No other resource but The Cold War: Global Perspectives on East-West Tensions, 1945-1991, brings together primary source documents from around the world to shed new light on this crucial period in world history.

Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996
For wide-ranging perspectives on human migration that stretch far beyond the borders of the United States, Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996, is an unparalleled new resource. This fully searchable digital archive includes firsthand accounts from reputable sources around the world, covering such important events as post-World War II Jewish resettlement, South African apartheid, Latin American migrations to the United States and much more.

Middle East and North Africa: Global Perspectives, 1957-1995
For anyone seeking to understand one of the world’s most complex, volatile and internationally significant regions, Middle East and North Africa: Global Perspectives, 1958-1994, is an indispensable resource. This fully searchable online archive offers firsthand reporting and deep analysis on important issues and historic events from Morocco to Egypt to Afghanistan. And with unique content not available anywhere else, it allows researchers unprecedented opportunities to delve into the cultural, economic and political forces that are integral to an array of interdisciplinary topics.

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