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Readex Announces Five New Digital Resources for 20th-Century International Studies

Unique primary source collections provide global perspectives on immigration, apartheid, the Middle East, the Cold War and U.S. race relations

February 10, 2016

(Naples, FL) Readex, a leading publisher of historical collections, will launch “Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives" with five timely new resources in March 2016. These digital archives will provide new insight and unprecedented opportunities for teaching and scholarship in some of the most-searched topics in libraries today. “Researchers are increasingly looking to 20th-century geopolitics to complement and inform a variety of disciplines,” says Jim Draper, Executive Vice President of Readex. “These five new collections from the archives of the Central Intelligence Agency give libraries the opportunity to meet the current needs of their institutions and advance scholarship in some of today’s most relevant research areas.”
Each of these five fully searchable resources is comprised of primary source documents from around the world, including government publications, magazines, newspapers and transcribed television and radio broadcasts, all collected and translated by the Central Intelligence Agency between 1940 and 1997. The digital archives of these documents are only available through Readex.
Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1940-1996 covers such important events as post-World War II Jewish resettlement, South African apartheid, and Latin American migrations to the United States. It also covers controversial issues like ethnic friction, religious movements, border issues, the treatment of refugees and much more.
The Cold War: Global Perspectives on East-West Tensions, 1945-1991 provides comprehensive coverage of the conflict that drove global politics from the end of World War II to the early 1990s. No other resource brings together sources and analysis from around the world to shed new light on this crucial period in global history and politics.
Apartheid: Global Perspectives, 1946-1996 captures the international reaction to apartheid, as its effects reverberated throughout the African continent and around the world. This one-of-a-kind collection features translated news broadcasts and publications from both the people who experienced apartheid and those who watched, reacted to and analyzed it.
American Race Relations: Global Perspectives, 1940-1996 covers foreign reactions to America’s struggles with racial justice, from the Jim Crow era to the Civil Rights movement and beyond. With thousands of commentaries on African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and Native American history, this collection provides new inroads to important research topics.
Middle East and North Africa: Global Perspectives, 1957-1995 offers fresh insight into one of the world’s most complex, volatile and internationally significant regions. It is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to understand the complex factors that gave rise to modern terrorist organizations as well as regional civil wars, revolutions, border issues and more.
Each of these archives is available individually, giving libraries the opportunity to tailor their research collections to the unique needs of their patrons.

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For more than 60 years, the Readex name has been synonymous with research in historical materials and government documents. Recognized by librarians, students, and scholars for its efforts to transform academic scholarship, Readex offers a wealth of Web-based collections in the humanities and social sciences, including the Archive of Americana, a family of historical collections featuring searchable books, pamphlets, newspapers, and government documents printed in America over three centuries, and the World Newspaper Archive, created in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries. Also available are the Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports and the Joint Publications Research Service Reports, two of the U.S. government’s fundamental sources of foreign intelligence gathered from publicly available media during the second half of the 20th century.

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