Afro-Americana Imprints: Chronological Segments
An Archive of Americana Collection

The digital edition of one of the world’s preeminent collections for African American studies is available as a single complete collection, or in one or more of the following modules:

I. Discovery and Colonization, 1535-1771

A. Exploration and Establishment of Slavery and the Slave Trade (1535-1728)
Exploration and colonization of Africa and Americas; establishment of trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery in Americas.
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B. Prelude to Revolution and Abolitionism (1729-1771)
Rise of trans-Atlantic antislavery literature; slave revolts in U.S. and Caribbean; Enlightenment ideals of human rights.
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II. Revolution and Racialization, 1772-1830

A. Revolutionary Ideas of Freedom (1772-1804)
Founding of first abolition societies; U.S. Revolution; Haitian Revolution; abolition of slavery and establishment of free black communities in the North; Somerset Ruling; British movement to abolish slave trade; colonial rule and race relations in the Caribbean .
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B. African American Migrations and Settlements (1805-1830)
Abolition of slave trade (UK/US); Missouri Compromise; birth of colonization movements; growth of free black urban populations; rise of racism in the North.
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III. Radical Abolitionism, 1831-1865

A. Dissent and Suppression in Slavery Debates (1831-1849)
Nat Turner Rebellion; emancipation in UK and French colonies; race riots; Congressional gag rule; establishment of radical abolition societies; women’s participation in anti-slavery activism; growth of print culture in slavery debate.
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B. Prelude to Civil War (1850-1860)
Fugitive Slave Act; growth of sectional tensions.
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C. Civil War (1861-1865)
Emancipation Proclamation; federal enlistment of black soldiers; debates about the war’s objectives.
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IV. From Freedom to Segregation, 1866-1922

A. Reconstruction (1866-1877)
Debates regarding the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments; Federal Reconstruction; Southern race riots.
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B. African American Citizenship and Identity (1878-1896)
Federal struggles for civil rights; flourishing of black novelists, historians, and intellectuals; exploration of African interior; missionaries and religion in black communities of the U.S. and Africa.
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C. Era of “Separate but Equal” (1897-1922)
“Lost Cause” and memorializing the Civil War; growth of sociology in study of African Americans and race relations; solidification of legal and social racial segregation in the U.S.; continued growth of African Diasporic thought and travel; British imperialism and racial thought in Africa.
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