Announcing a Readex Online Seminar: Newspaper Archives for Academic Research and Teaching

Readex now offers complimentary 45-minute Webinars led by experts in the history and academic use of newspaper archives. We invite you and your colleagues to register for a lively fall session in which you’ll learn about the fascinating and unique histories of a series of major American newspapers.

We’ll also explore such topics as:

• Why are newspapers often described as not only history’s first draft but also the heart of a community? • How can general reference and local history researchers best utilize searchable newspaper archives? • How are teachers at academic institutions of all types and sizes now using newspaper archives in their classrooms? • How has access to newspaper archives facilitated important published research on American life and history? • How have the editorial perspectives of individual newspapers changed over time, and how have their political slants shaped and influenced coverage? • How has news reporting itself developed over time, and how do such transformations mirror evolving social values? • How can all users more effectively search and enjoy browsing historical newspaper archives? American newspapers—with their eyewitness reporting, editorials, advertisements, obituaries and human interest stories—have preserved essential records and detailed accounts of nearly every facet of regional and national life. Now searchable online, these regionally diverse archives span centuries of social, cultural, political, military, business, sports and literary history, providing students and scholars with invaluable original reporting and fresh, local-level insights. Michelle Harper Our host and key speaker has nearly 15 years of high-level experience with the digitization of archival collections, particularly historical newspapers. She has worked for several leading companies in roles such as Vice President, History Publishing; Director, Special Collections; Director, Product Management; and Publisher, Historical Newspapers.

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