Latest Newsletter Available: The Readex Report (April 2011)

In our new issue, you’ll find the deliciously rich history of chocolate; cavalier attitudes toward a deadly plague in a Brazilian port; forgotten battles of the Revolutionary War; and the intriguing rise and demise of the advertising card. Chocolate: A Readex Sampler By Louis E. Grivetti Professor of Nutrition, Emeritus, at the University of California, Davis, and co-editor of Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage (Wiley, 2009) Finding Fatalism and Overconfidence in a Cruel Port: The Bubonic Plague’s First Appearance in Brazil By Ian Olivo Read Author of The Hierarchies of Slavery in Santos, Brazil, 1822-1889 (Stanford University Press, forthcoming) The Importance of Newspapers in Chronicling the American Revolution By Norman Desmarais Author of Battlegrounds of Freedom and The Guide to the American Revolutionary War in Canada and New England The Development of the American Advertising Card By Bruce D. Roberts 19th-century advertising card expert and author of Clipper Ship Sailing Cards (2007) and Mechanical Bank Trade Cards (2008) Subscribe today to receive the September 2011 issue in your inbox. Browse previous issues in our archive. If you would like to contribute or suggest an article, please write to The Readex Report editor by emailing

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