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New collection covers Irish historical newspapers across three centuries

Posted on 12/02/2016

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Readex is delighted to announce a partnership with Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd., of Dublin, to be the exclusive seller in North America of a new product titled Irish Historical Newspapers.

Irish Historical Newspapers contains 15 essential papers from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland spanning more than 250 years—from 1738 to 2004. Most of the papers are extremely long runs—for example, the Freeman’s Journal (a major national daily) runs from 1763 to 1924, and The Belfast Newsletter (another major national daily) covers the years 1738 to 1890.

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Also included are The Nation (1842-1897), which offers detailed coverage of the Great Irish Famine, and the Skiberreen Eagle (1882-1922), which features first-hand reporting on the 1916 Rising, and nearly a dozen other invaluable titles.


The Nation 01.17.1852.JPG


Skiberreen Eagle 04291916.JPG

This new collection fills a long-standing gap in historical-newspaper publishing. In my years as a developer of primary-source archives (during which I developed large collections focusing on England and Wales but never managed to do the same for Ireland), interest in Irish materials has always been exceptionally high. Now, with this new collection, the need has been met.

Readex is proud to offer Irish Historical Newspapers on a native interface developed just for Irish newspapers. All of the functionality users expect is here, with special attention to user-friendly “browse” features that enable seamless reading of the papers from cover to cover.

For more information about Irish Historical Newspapers, or to request a complete title list for your institution, please contact

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