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In the September 2010 issue: the dark descent of an American literary icon; using 19th-century government documents to right wrongs against Native Americans; and a private collector’s zeal adds depth and diversity to an eminent historical collection. From Mascot to Militant: The Many Campaigns of Seba Smith’s Major Jack Downing By Aaron McLean Winter, National Tsing Hua University Readers of the Washington, D.C. newspaper The Daily National Intelligencer witnessed a strange and disturbing transformation in 1847, when the nation’s most popular literary character freely admitted that he had become a greedy, cynical killer. Soon enough this beloved American hero, whose name was synonymous with Yankee Doodle, would threaten to stage a military coup to seize the Capitol and overthrow Congress!  Continued... Resolving a Stolen Past: The General Allotment Act, Individual Indian Money Accounts, and the U.S. Congressional Serial Set By Charles D. Bernholz, Professor and Government Documents Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln In December 2009 and at the end of a thirteen-year journey through three administrations and an array of proceedings against four Secretaries of the Interior, a Class Action Settlement Agreement was reached in Cobell v. Salazar before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.  Continued... Supplementing Early American Imprints: The Extraordinary Collection of Michael Zinman By James Green, Librarian, Library Company of Philadelphia Many of the hitherto unknown early American imprints now being digitized by Readex at the Library Company of Philadelphia were acquired in 2000, a mere ten years ago, from Michael Zinman, a private collector who surely ranks among the greatest Americana collectors of all time.  Continued... Don't miss an issue of Readex's quarterly e-newsletter. Subscribe today!

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