Special Prepublication Savings on FBIS Daily Reports, 1941-1974

From North Africa to the Middle East to South Asia and beyond

Since 1941 the U.S. Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) has been recording, transcribing and translating intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services, and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories. Now a comprehensive digital edition of this unique archive is available for students and scholars of world history and political science. 


 The historical precedents to topics in today's headlines from Libya, Egypt and the Middle East

Available until June 30, 2011 at special prepublication savings, FBIS Daily Reports, 1941-1974—the essential first module of FBIS Daily Reports, 1941-1996—covers a sweeping range of events still resonating in countries from Afghanistan to Yemen, including:
  • 1941 – In Iran, the Shah's pro-Axis allegiance leads to Anglo-Russian occupation
  • 1948 – In the Middle East, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria attack Israel
  • 1952 – In Egypt, Gamal Abdul Nasser leads coup known as July 23 Revolution
  • 1962 – In Yemen, army officers seize power, sparking civil war
  • 1964 – In Sudan, the "October Revolution" establishes an Islamist-led government
  • 1965 – In Algeria, Colonel Boumedienne overthrows Ben Bella, pledging to end corruption
  • 1971 – In Bahrain, agreement signed to permit the U.S. to rent naval and military facilities

Unique insight into events from every region of the world

Also available now are two complementary modules: FBIS Daily Reports, 1974-1996 and FBIS Daily Report Annexes, 1974-1996. Beginning in early 1974, these reports cover the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, assassination of Indira Gandhi, student takeover of Tiananmen Square, freeing of Nelson Mandela, beginning of Rwandan genocide and much more.

Special Prepublication Savings on FBIS Daily Reports, 1941-1974.

(Best discount ends June 30, 2011.)

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