Top-Ten Articles Published in The Readex Report

The Readex Report is a quarterly e-newsletter that explores diverse aspects of both modern librarianship and digital historical collections. Through original articles by academic faculty and librarians, The Readex Report provides insights on topics as wide-ranging as those found in the following list of the most clicked-upon articles published since 2006. Preserving the Library in the Digital Age

By Benjamin L. Carp, Assistant Professor of History, Tufts University [Volume 4, Issue 4]

Heart or Muscle? The Library in the Digital Age

By Edward Shephard, State University of New York, Binghamton [Volume 4, Issue 3]

“Meet the Students”: Bringing Your Library’s Online Resources Into Your Students’ “Circle of Trust”

By Lynn D. Lampert, Chair, Reference & Instructional Services, California State University, Northridge [Volume 2, Issue 2]

How Libraries Can Win in Today's Web 2.0 Environment 

By Terry Reese, The Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services, Oregon State University [Volume 4, Issue 2]

This Headache Is Killing Me: The Bromo-Seltzer Poisonings of 1898

By John Odell, Publisher, Digger Odell Publications [Volume 4, Issue 4]

User-Centered Design for Digital Collections

By Michael Edmonds, Digital Librarian, Wisconsin Historical Society [Volume 4, Issue 1]

Religion and the Rise of the Second Ku Klux Klan, 1915-1922

By Kelly J. Baker, Ph.D., University of New Mexico [Volume 4, Issue 3]

An Undergraduate’s Reflections on Original American History Research: How Online Access to Historical Newspapers Helped Prepare an Award-Winning Tea Party Study

By David Brooks, Graduate, Taylor University [Volume 5, Issue 4]

"Worlds Apart? The Relationship Between Teaching and Marketing and What It Means to Academic Librarians

By Jill S. Stover, Undergraduate Services Coordinator, Virginia Commonwealth University [Volume 2, Issue 3]

Commodore Vanderbilt: Patriot or War Profiteer?

By T.J. Stiles, author of The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt, 2009 National Book Award Winner [Volume 5, Issue 1]

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