The Top-Ten Readex Blog Posts of 2011

Of the 75 or so posts published here this year, these were the ten most-read: 

February 27, 1923. Miss Alice Reighly, Anti-Flirt Club president, Wash., D.C.

1. Preserving the Library in the Digital Age

2. In Praise of Librarians and Archivists

3. Researching Nat Turner’s Slave Revolt in American (and African American) Newspapers

4. 100 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1911

5. Anti-Flirtation: There Ought to Be a Law

6. The Bomarc Missile Plutonium Spill Crisis: Exercises in Propaganda and Containment in 1960 and Beyond

7.“Information Wanted” Advertisements: Searching for African American Family Members

8. Law & Disorder: Urbana University Students Bring an 1857 Court Case to Life

9. Civil War Imagery on Clipper Ship Sailing Cards

10. Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire on its 100th Anniversary

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