Early American Newspapers: By Decade
An essential record of America across three centuries

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  • Now available to acquire by decade: the single most comprehensive and authoritative online source of historical American newspapers
  • Titles from every region of the U.S. provide an unparalleled record of the people, issues and events that shaped America
  • Meet specific teaching or research needs, or create a complete collection by selecting one or more decades at a time


Early American newspapers, often printed by small-town printers, documented the daily life of hundreds of diverse American communities, supported different political parties and recorded both majority and minority views. Now available by decade, Early American Newspapers provides an unparalleled record of the topics, people, issues and events that have shaped America from 1690 to 1922.

In Early American Newspapers, users can limit searches to items that fall into such categories as news and opinion, election returns, letters, poetry, legislative information, prices, advertisements, matrimony notices and death notices. Researchers can easily view, magnify, print and save digital images of whole issues, pages and individual articles. Advanced search capabilities allow users to search by date, place of publication or article type; browse individual titles and more.

The First Nine Decades in One Consolidated Unit
1690-1779  Title List Request More Information

Other Decades Available in Individual Units
1780-1789  Title List | Request More Information

1790-1799  Title List Request More Information

1800-1809  Title List | Request More Information

1810-1819  Title List Request More Information

1820-1829  Title List Request More Information

1830-1839  Title List Request More Information

1840-1849  Title List | Request More Information

1850-1859  Title List | Request More Information

1860-1869  Title List | Request More Information

1870-1879  Title List | Request More Information

1880-1889  Title List Request More Information

1890-1899  Title List | Request More Information

1900-1909  Title List Request More Information

1910-1919  Title List | Request More Information

1920-1922  Title List | Request More Information

Each of the ten-year Decades above is also available in five-year segments.


“The Early American Newspapers collection contains over 2,000 newspapers of historical importance, both at the national and the local level, including the Pennsylvania Gazette, New York Herald, Boston Herald and Times-Picayune. Each series in the collection covers a different time span, and series can be selected individually or in combination to build a collection best suited to the needs of each institution’s users….Early American Newspapers uses the America’s Historical Newspapers interface, which makes it simple to search or browse….The simple search interface should make this database user-friendly for undergraduate researchers, while the thoughtful filtering options, as well as the sheer scope of the collection, will be a boon for more advanced researchers, such as graduate students and faculty.”
— Lindley Homol, Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland University College Library, in Reference Reviews (Vol. 29, No. 2, 2015)

“Readex publishes respected subscription databases of full-text historical newspapers. Its America's Historical Newspapers collects and digitizes American newspapers; offerings include Early American Newspapers, which has recently released four additional series—series 6 (1741-1922), series 7 (1773-1922), series 8 (1844-1922), and series 9 (1832-1922). This collective addition adds 290 newspaper titles and over 4,300,000 pages to Early American Newspapers (series 1, CH, Apr'06, 43-4401; series 4 and 5, CH, Dec'12, 50-1798), bringing the complete collection to a substantial compilation of 2,000-plus newspaper titles from all 50 states, published between 1690 and 1922. Titles include valuable sources such as some 8,000 additional issues from New Orleans's Times-Picayune and some 15,000 issues from The Oregonian, now Oregon's largest newspaper. Other remarkable titles are Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper and New York's The Daily Graphic--both heavily illustrated with hand-drawn graphics, making them a researcher's treasure. The complete list of additions is rich with titles of national and local importance.

“Libraries may purchase the entire collection or choose series, decades, or eras, in order to reflect a library's research needs. Readex's newspaper searching has a number of features that encourage precision and better results. The single search line can be expanded into a multiple-line search engine to better focus a complex research topic. Users may also narrow results by date, article type, language, state, and individual newspaper titles. The results present a small window of select information, with search terms in boldface for quick reading. Though other newspaper databases are available, the America's Historical Newspapers project is unique in the numbers of newspaper titles included, the number of individual issues included, and the inclusion of small local newspapers. Early American Newspapers is a real research gem for historians, all levels of college students, and genealogists. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through researchers/faculty; general readers.”
— C. W. Bruns, California State University-Fullerton, reviewing Early American Newspapers, Series 6-9, in Choice (July 2014)

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