Landmarks of Science
An in-depth record of centuries of scientific thought

Quick Facts

  • A comprehensive collection of books and journals for multidisciplinary research on the history of science
  • Thousands of publications tracing the histories of science, technology, philosophy, astronomy, music and more
  • Features first editions of groundbreaking scientific works, complemented by the wide-ranging literature that surrounds them


Landmarks of Science includes a microfiche collection (Landmarks of Science & Landmarks II Monographs) encompassing five centuries of printed scientific literature, as well as a microfilm collection (Landmarks II-Scientific Journals) featuring material back to the 17th century. It provides thousands of publications tracing the histories of science, technology, western civilization and various ideas. It is ideal for tracing the development of scientific principles. The collection also facilitates multidisciplinary studies across such curricula as history, languages, philosophy, astronomy, music and science.

Landmarks of Science & Landmarks II is a comprehensive library of works that spans the history of science—from the beginning of printing into the early 20th century. It includes first editions of famous scientific works, which are complemented by the scientific literature that surrounds them: later, influential editions; translations; works by the less-famous scientists; scientific textbooks; biographies of scientists and bibliographies of scientific work. The predominant languages represented are English, French, German, Latin and Italian, but works in many other languages appear. An attempt has been made to include contemporary English translations when available. There is no duplication between Landmarks of Science and its continuation, Landmarks II.

Landmarks II-Scientific Journals was created to make available the periodical literature of science, from the beginning of scientific journals in the second half of the 17th century through the 19th century. Landmarks II-Scientific Journalssupplements the thousands of monographs in Landmarks. Samuel Scudder’s “Catalogue of Scientific Serials, 1663-1875” serves as a bibliographic base. In the mid-1600s, the scientific journal came into being and has ever since been an alternative and supplement to the monographic publication of scientific work. Often, any given library's holdings of a journal lack pages or even volumes. Readex uses numerous sources as necessary to provide the most complete copy possible.

  • Landmarks of Science: 3,858 monographs on 26,592  silver halide microfiche
  • Landmarks II – Monographs: 4,861 monographs on 62,067 silver halide microfiche
  • Landmarks II - Scientific Journals: 119 journals on 906 reels of silver halide microfilm
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