Notable Titles from
Early American Imprints, Series II: Supplement from the American Antiquarian Society, 1801-1819

Books & Pamphlets:

Fairbanks, Jason, 1780-1801. Report of the trial of Jason Fairbanks, on an indictment for the murder of Miss Elizabeth Fales. 2nd ed. Boston, 1801.

Mason, William, 1725-1797. Elfrida, a tragedy. [Baltimore, 1804].

Simmons, Amelia. American cookery. 3rd ed. Salem, NY, 1804.

Arnold, Stephen. Life and confession of Arnold, who inhumanly whipped to death Betsey Van Amburgh, his little niece—aged six years. [New York?], 1806.

Sandham, Elizabeth. The story of Constance, the proud girl. Embellished with a magic lantern exhibition. Philadelphia, 1806.

Franklin, Benjamin. The art of making money plenty, in every man's pocket. New York, [between 1807 and 1810].



A Mournful tragedy, 1801.

The confessions of John Battus, 1804. 

Clocks, made and sold by William Leavenworth, and warranted, if cased and well used, 1806.

The Carriers of the Freeman's journal, and Philadelphia mercantile advertiser, to their patrons…, 1811.

The life and confessions of John Tuhi, 1817.

The Squantum celebration, an offset to the account of the Bobolition proceedings of the African Society, 1818.

Concert of Sacred Music, New York 1819.


Isaiah Thomas Ballads:

Constitution Frigate, Boston: Nathaniel Coverly, Jr., 1812.

An Ode on the Comet. Boston, 1811.

Portsmouth in Flame. Boston, 1813.


Osgood, Map of the District of Maine Massachusetts, 1802.

Plan of the City of New York, 1807.

Doolittle, An improved map of the United States, 1813.

Tanner, An Authentic map of the world on the globular projection. 1819.

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