Provisional Title List: American Underworld: The Flash Press

TitleCityStateEst. or Actual Start DateEst. or Actual End Date
Boston BladeBostonMA18471848
Boston SatiristBostonMA18421843
Boston Satirist & punchBostonMA18451845
Criminal LifeBostonMA18631863
Life In BostonBostonMA18571857
Life in Boston and New England Police GazetteBostonMA18501851
Life in Boston and New YorkBostonMA18531856
Life in Boston, Sporting Chronicle, and Lights and Shadows of New England MoralsBostonMA18491851
New England Police GazetteBostonMA18601861
Satirist & PunchBostonMA18451845
Satirist and BladeBostonMA18481848
Satirist and Punch or Boston CharivariBostonMA18441844
Weekly VarietiesBostonMA18591859
Manchester SpyManchesterNH18501851
Manchester TelescopeManchesterNH18491850
Albany and New York SwitchAlbanyNY18451846
Albany MicroscopeAlbanyNY18321846
Albany SwitchAlbanyNY18461847
Broadway BelleNew YorkNY18581858
Broadway Belle, and Mirror of the TimesNew YorkNY18551855
Broadway DandyNew YorkNY18551855
Broadway Omnibus: A Panorama of Metropolitan LifeNew YorkNY18581858
Critic, and New-York Theatrical RegisterNew YorkNY18381838
Dixon's PolyanthosNew YorkNY18411841
Ely's Hawk & Buzzard, or New-York, & Brooklyn Courier & EnquirerNew YorkNY18331833
Ely's Hawk & Buzzard, or, Saturday Courier and EnquirerNew YorkNY18341834
Ely's Hawk and Buzzard, or New-York, Saturday Courier and EnquirerNew YorkNY18321832
Ely's New York & Brooklyn Hawk & Buzzard, or Saturday Courier & EnquirerNew YorkNY18341834
Evening SignalNew YorkNY18391840
Evening Star, New-York, Brooklyn Courier and Enquirer or Hawk and BuzzardNew YorkNY18331833
Evening TattlerNew YorkNY18431843
FlashNew YorkNY18411843
Hawk and BuzzardNew YorkNY18301830
LibertineNew YorkNY18421842
Life in New-YorkNew YorkNY18501850
Monthly CosmopoliteNew YorkNY18491850
National Police GazetteNew YorkNY18451876
New York ArenaNew YorkNY18421842
New York AuroraNew YorkNY18421844
New York pickNew YorkNY18531854
New York Scorpion and Empire City ReflectorNew YorkNY18491849
New York Sporting WhipNew YorkNY18431843
New York Weekly Day-Book CaucasianNew YorkNY18631868
New-York Flagellator, and Police BulletinNew YorkNY18281828
New-York Weekly CaucasianNew YorkNY18611863
OwlNew YorkNY18301830
PickNew YorkNY18521852
Pictorial PickNew YorkNY18541854
PolyanthosNew YorkNY18381839
Polyanthos, and Fire Department AlbumNew YorkNY18381839
Polyanthos, and New-York VisiterNew YorkNY18381838
Prophylactical StarAlbanyNY18641867
ScrutinizerNew YorkNY18261827
SportsmanNew YorkNY18431843
Stephen H. Branch's AlligatorNew YorkNY18581858
SubterraneanNew YorkNY18431843
Sunday FlashNew YorkNY18411841
Theatrical worldNew YorkNY18451845
True flashNew YorkNY18411841
Venus' MiscellanyNew YorkNY18571857
Wag, or Literary EarthquakeNew YorkNY18391839
Weekly RakeNew YorkNY18421842
Weekly WhipNew YorkNY18551855
WhipNew YorkNY18421843
WhipNew YorkNY18551855
Whip, and Satirist of New-York and BrooklynNew YorkNY18411842
Western Police GazetteCincinnatiOH18511851