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Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS)

Daily Reports, 1974-1996

Rare insight into geopolitics, global relations, political science and history
Learn what makes this product unique
  • A unique 20th-century archive for students and scholars of international studies, political science and world history
  • Transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news, translated into English
  • Helps researchers develop a layered understanding of the Soviet Union, China, the Middle East and Latin America

As the United States’ principal historical record of political open source intelligence for more than half a century, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Report is an indispensable source for insights into decades of turbulent world history. The original mission of the FBIS was to monitor, record, transcribe and translate intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services, and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories. Accordingly, it provides a wealth of information from all countries outside of the U.S.—from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Translated materials form a distinctive English-language resource
Without translations, researchers must limit their research projects to primary sources in languages they understand or rely entirely on secondary sources. Translated as needed, these English-language materials—the vast majority of which originated in other languages—constitute an indispensable and easy-to-use tool for all serious students of political science, world history and more.

A wealth of media reports from every FBIS region
This comprehensive, fully searchable edition of FBIS Daily Reports published between 1974 and 1996 is comprised of eight parts:  Part 1: Middle East, Africa, Near East and South Asia (MEA, NES)Part 2: Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia (SSA, SAF, AFR, SAS)Part 3: China (CHI)Part 4: Asia, Pacific and East Asia (APA, EAS)Part 5: Latin America (LAT, LAM)Part 6: Eastern Europe (EEU)Part 7: Soviet Union and Central Eurasia (SOV); and Part 8: Western Europe (WEU).

Students and scholars are afforded intriguing local perspectives on the rise to power of Pol Pot in Cambodia, Deng Xiaoping in China, Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union, Lech Walesa in Poland, Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan and others. Events covered include the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, formation of Sandinista government in Nicaragua, assassination of Indira Gandhi, student takeover of Tiananmen Square, opening of Berlin Wall, freeing of Nelson Mandela, Persian Gulf War, break up of Soviet Union, beginning of Rwandan genocide and much more.

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