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Mrs. Yoshiye Abe, an American of Japanese ancestry, helps to make American flags in a Denver factory,  from The Library of Congress
"This year, many persons of Japanese ancestry in the United States will once again observe this great day within the confines of a relocation center." Fourth of July celebrations in Japanese Relocation Centers during World War II
July 4, 2024, marked 82 years since thousands of Japanese Americans faced Independence Day behind barbed wire. Japanese Americans - forcibly relocated to ten concentration camps during the Second World War - tried to maintain a sense of normalcy under incarceration and many, although stripped of civil liberties, still wished to demonstrate their loyalty to the U.S. during wartime. The digital collection of primary source documents in Asian Life in America includes newspapers published by Japanese Americans incarcerated in camps...
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BBC Monitoring listening room. ©BBC Archive.
Suppose you were embarking upon the purchase of a car. A new one is out of the...
Cesare Dell’Acqua, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
December 23, 2023, marked the 200th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine. The...
Nez Perce Chief Lawyer, ca. 1861. 1861, University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.
This is the fifth in a series of blog articles highlighting primary source...

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