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From Academic Dissertations to World Literature: Highlights from 'Defining a Nation: The Literature of Early America'
The literature of Early America is a window which gives us a view into major events and everyday minutiae of the time that helped shape the United States into what it is today. In its earliest stages, most colonists were still heavily influenced by the works of English writers. However, just as America began to seek its independence, so, too, did its art. Leaning on such themes as self-sufficiency, nationhood, exploration, and religion, America surged forward. The newly released digital...
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Discover the impact and experience of Hispanic Americans in this new digital collection covering more than three centuries.
Jane Addams Addresses Segregation thumb
Easy-to-use assignments to increase student engagement each feature a powerful primary source document from our vast archive.
Five brief articles by scholars present unique perspective on research about past lives, made possible in part by Readex products.
April 2021 issue
Our online publication offers original articles on the use of primary sources, providing fresh insight for librarians, faculty and students.

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