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BBC Monitoring listening room. ©BBC Archive.
Rubles, Renminbi and Yuan—Oh My! The Geopolitical Fortunes of Foreign Exchange
Suppose you were embarking upon the purchase of a car. A new one is out of the question; you don’t have that kind of money. You’ve been saving for this for a long time. You’ve chosen a nice used Lada—they’re a good Russian brand. You’ve come to terms with the seller so you pull out a bundle of… American dollars—you’re in Moscow, after all. You remember a time in the late 1990s when the Russian Central Bank magically removed three...
The experience and impact of Asian Americans as recorded by the news media
Jane Addams Addresses Segregation thumb
Easy-to-use assignments to increase student engagement each feature a powerful primary source document from our vast archive.
Five brief articles by scholars present unique perspective on research about past lives, made possible in part by Readex products.
April 2021 issue
Our online publication offers original articles on the use of primary sources, providing fresh insight for librarians, faculty and students.

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