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Public Health: Global Origins of Modern Health Policy and Management, 1957-1995
Prompted in part by the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers are seeking to better understand how the field of public health evolved and adapted during the second half of the 20th century. Now Public Health—the only digital collection providing global perspective on this increasingly important topic--captures decades of international failures and successes in helping people live healthier lives. Thousands of primary source documents related to every facet of public health and health policy offer valuable insight for students and scholars in a wide variety of disciplines. Topics addressed include infectious disease and other medical crises, environmental pollution, vaccines and birth control, the World Health Organization, educating people about food safety and water quality, preparing regions for natural and other disasters, and much, much more. Additionally, Readex’s intuitive online interface enables researchers to easily browse by a broad range of topics, each providing highly relevant results for users at all levels.

American Children's Books, Series 1-3, 1654-1819
Research involving children’s books was initially driven by scholarly interest in the concept and history of childhood. But when scholars delved into early American children’s books, they found that such works provide extraordinary insight into many other fields of research, including gender, race, social class, ethics, religion, economics, labor, natural history and more. American Children’s Books is the first digital collection of these important publications, providing more than 6,000 books printed in America between 1654 and 1819.

American Sermons, Series 1 & 2, 1652-1819
These powerful printed works offer intriguing research opportunities for not only religious scholars and historians, but anyone interested in literature, politics, society, and family life in early America. Additionally, these wide-ranging sermons provide contemporary cultural commentary on a range of important historical events, from the American Revolution to the abolition movement to immigration debates. This comprehensive collection delivers more than 8,000 sermons printed in America between 1652 and 1819.

Native American Indians, 1645-1819
The presence of Native Americans influenced almost every element of early American settler life, and an enormous number of books were printed about these interactions over the next century and a half. Every major book about Native Peoples from this period is included in this digital collection. More than 1,600 publications offer unparalleled insight into the relationship between American Indians and European settlers. This unique resource also offers text analysis tools, author biographies, and suggested search paths for easy browsing and discovery.

Origins of Modern Science and Technology: Global Perspectives from the CIA Archives
Support learning and research across STEM and humanities disciplines with this new family of fully searchable digital collections. Each collection is comprised of thousands of primary source documents from around the world, collected and translated into English by the Central Intelligence Agency between 1957 and 1995. Researchers will find journal articles, government publications, newspapers, magazines, and transcribed television and radio broadcasts that shed new light on the origins of some of today’s most relevant scientific fields. Many of these materials are unavailable elsewhere. Each collection is available individually, giving libraries the opportunity to tailor their research collections to the current needs of students and scholars. In addition, the interface enables researchers to easily browse the collections by a broad range of topics, each providing highly relevant results for users at all levels.

Early American Newspapers, Series 16, 1800-1877: Industry and the Environment
Early American Newspapers, Series 16, captures the intersection of America’s environmental, social and industrial past. Featuring more than 60 titles published between 1800 and 1877, Series 16 offers vivid accounts of the origins and growth of America’s most important industries, including textiles, agriculture, coal mining, oil and gas drilling, iron and steel production, commercial fishing and whaling, timber, railroads, canals and more. But America’s transformation from an agrarian nation to an industrial powerhouse wasn’t without repercussions, and newspapers from the towns and cities most impacted by these industries didn’t shirk from covering their environmental and social costs. The publications in Early American Newspapers, Series 16, provide firsthand reporting, editorial analysis, advertisements and classifieds that shed light on the impact of America’s march forward.

African Newspapers: The British Library Collection
Created in partnership with the British Library, this unique database features 64 newspapers from across the African continent, all published before 1900. From culture to history to geopolitics, the pages of these newspapers offer fresh research opportunities for students and scholars interested in topics related to Africa, including European exploration, colonial exploitation, economics, Atlantic trade, early moves towards self-governance, the growth of South Africa, and much more. Because Africa produced comparatively few newspapers in the 19th century, each page in this collection is significant, offering invaluable insight into the people, issues and events that shaped the continent. Through eyewitness reporting, editorials, letters, advertisements, obituaries, and military reports, the newspapers in this one-of-a-kind collection chronicle African history and daily life as never before.

Territorial Papers of the United States, 1764-1953
More than half of America’s states began as territories. From the 1760s to the 1950s the United States of America expanded southward and westward, acquiring territories that spanned from Florida to California to Alaska. Before they evolved into twenty-seven American states, these territories were managed by the U.S. State and Interior departments. The official history of their formative territorial years is recorded in the “Territorial Papers of the United States”—a collection of Native American negotiations and treaties, official correspondence with the federal government, military records, judicial proceedings, population data, financial statistics, land records, and more. For the first time, the Territorial Papers are available in a digital online collection, offering unparalleled research opportunities for anyone interested in the creation of modern-day America.

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