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Enhance research, scholarship, and teaching with the latest historical primary source collections from Readex. Providing content and context that is relevant and foundational across all disciplines and interests, students and scholars can explore these unmatched digital resources for Black Studies, Hispanic Studies, Sociology, Global Studies, Political Science, U.S. History, and multidisciplinary interests.

Now Available!

Courtesy of Matthew Bridges, BBC Monitoring

…a history of the world speaking to the world.
—Nick Cull, Professor of Communication, University of Southern California

Recognized as one the most important historical archives ever assembled, BBC Monitoring: Summary of World Broadcasts will soon be available as a digital primary source collection from Readex. This expansive collection of nearly 70,000 individual multi-page reports from 1939 to 2001 – brought together in partnership with the BBC – will prove indispensable to scholars and students seeking new and vital background for interpreting the complexity of today’s global events.

Open-Source Intelligence (OS INT) Spotlight

New! FBIS and JPRS Interface Upgrades


    Key Features

    • Search by country, subject(s), publication, key events, article type, decade, year, and date
    • Visualize data using methods such as term clustering, phrase frequency, word trends, and more
    • Get quick access to relevant content and enriched citation data with an improved Results screen
    • Save your articles and keyword searches within “My Folder”
    • Download and save pages directly to a Google Drive account
    • Create, download, or print citations in all major formats (MLA, APA, CMS, etc.)
    Life in America

    HLA inset

    Hispanic Life in America

    A first-of-its-kind digital news archive of Hispanic  American life that spans four centuries and combines deep historical content with current sources. A dynamic resource for anyone interested in examining and studying the full spectrum of American history and culture, it includes more than 700 suggested searches organized by historical eras, themes, topical areas, and events.

    BLA insetBlack Life in America

    This digital archive offers an expansive window into centuries of African American history, culture, and daily life in ways no other online resource can match with news coverage from 1704 to today. Delivers news coverage from thousands of sources not found anywhere else with coverage from 1704 to today. More than 19,000 news sources, including hundreds of Black publications, bring into focus the people, places, events and daily lives through firsthand reporting, editorials, illustrations, and advertisements. This collection is an invaluable resource for exploring social justice issues, equity, race, and related topics.

    American History

    Native American Tribal Histories

    Through much of the 19th century, the education, land rights, treaty negotiations and other affairs of Native American tribes were overseen by superintendents from the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). BIA superintendents scrupulously recorded their interactions with Native American tribes, leaving behind an astoundingly detailed archive that is captured here in full. Now, these rare materials are available for the first time in a readily accessible digital collection, which also contains detailed historical background notes created by the curators of the National Archives.

    Historical Newspapers

    EAN 19 insetEarly American Newspapers, Series 19: The Politics of Race in the South

    In the early 19th century, the issue of race reached a critical juncture when the anti-slavery movement began gaining nationwide attention. In the American South, the debate over slavery and secession–as recorded and shaped in its regional newspapers—was the result of political, economic, social, and religious forces that continue to be researched and analyzed today. Series 19, 1766-1877: The Politics of Race in the South includes some of the most influential and widely read papers below the Mason-Dixon Line, as well as newspapers from border states, Washington DC, and other select titles. Series 19 is specifically designed to work in concert with Series 18, 1825-1878: Racial Awakening in the Northeast, inviting researchers working across academic disciplines to discern, interpret, and evaluate

    Early American Newspapers, Series 18: Racial Awakening in the Northeast

    New England newspapers played a pivotal role in shaping the national discourse around slavery and civil rights in the decades leading up to and following the American Civil War. Abolitionists, political parties, and religious leaders all used newspapers to sway readers to their causes, making such papers essential material for researchers studying racial and social justice movements. Early American Newspapers, Series 18, 1825-1879: Racial Awakening in the Northeast brings these newspapers together in a fully searchable online resource, offering research and teaching opportunities across a variety of academic disciplines.

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