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Readex AllSearch

A mobile-friendly platform facilitates searches across Readex collections

Students and scholars have the capability to search seamlessly across all Readex digital collections available at their institution. By consolidating all major digital collections and document types—historical imprints, newspapers, and government documents—Readex AllSearch enables users to make new and unexpected discoveries, whether on a desktop computer or any mobile device.

The list of cross-searchable collections includes America's Historical Newspapers, America’s Historical Imprints, U.S. Congressional Serial Set, Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) Reports and World Newspaper Archive.

Examples of consolidated searches that can now be undertaken—depending upon their availability at your institution—include:

  • African American Newspapers, African American Periodicals, and Black Authors
  • Territorial Papers of the United States and U.S. Congressional Serial Set
  • Nineteenth-Century American Drama, Early American Imprints, and Early American Newspapers
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports and Joint Publications Research Service Reports
  • African Newspapers, Rand Daily Mail, and African History and Culture
  • Caribbean Newspapers, Caribbean History and Culture, and Latin American Newspapers
  • And nearly every other combination imaginable!

Readex AllSearch dramatically enhances document discovery by providing an easy-to-use gateway to collections that may be unfamiliar to researchers but highly relevant to their research.

Note: After using Readex AllSearch to discover relevant documents across a wide range of collections, some users may find it most effective to transition their research to the specific Readex collections in which such documents are found.  These more focused collections—including America’s Historical Newspapers, America’s Historical Imprints and others—are designed for deeper research of particular content types.

Questions? Please contact our Customer Service team by email at, or by phone at 1.800.243.7694.

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