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‘An excellent resource of 19th-century primary materials’: Library Journal reviews Nineteenth-Century American Drama

Posted on 10/10/2019


The October 2019 issue of Library Journal includes a substantial review of Nineteenth-Century American Drama: Popular Culture and Entertainment, 1820-1900. Reviewer Rob Tench of Old Dominion University notes that the collection’s “interdisciplinary nature expands appeal to anyone researching the myriad aspects of 19th-century American life and culture.” Here's a brief excerpt from the full review:

Nineteenth-Century American Drama is a comprehensive collection of 4,700 American plays published or produced between 1820 and 1900….The plays reflect their time, providing contemporary and unfiltered perspectives about 19th-century issues such as women’s movements, temperance, westward expansion, immigration, war, industrialism, slavery, reconstruction, and abolition….This is an excellent resource of 19th-century primary materials about American theater, life, culture, history, literature, economics, political science, religious and ethnic studies, and sociology.

The layout and functionality of the database are simple but efficient….suggested topics offer comprehensive options for narrowing or broadening searches. For example, under ‘depictions of ethnic, racial, and religious groups in cast,’ there are 27 subjects found, including Arabs, Catholics, and Jews….Search results are retrieved quickly, and navigation is seamless. The plays are featured in their original form and wording, lending the database credibility. The digitalization quality of the works is outstanding, as is the database’s overall organization and functionality. The viewing options make for an effortless reading experience, and the content and play selections are thorough and balanced.

…its interdisciplinary nature expands appeal to anyone researching the myriad aspects of 19th-century American life and culture. It provides a lens into not only what people read but also what they saw, and joins a long list of outstanding database products from Readex.

For more information about Nineteenth-Century American Drama, or to request a trial for your institution, please contact Readex Marketing.

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