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Four New Bookmarks and Posters Available for Readex Collections

Posted on 06/01/2017

For libraries looking to create awareness and increase usage of their Readex collections, we have created four new sets of posters and bookmarks to support those goals. 

The artwork for each of these items may now be individually downloaded for local printing.  To download artwork for one or more of the four posters seen immediately below, please contact the Readex marketing department. To download bookmark artwork, please click on the links below the posters.

For African American Newspapers



For Caribbean Newspapers



For Early American Imprints



And for Early American Newspapers



Matching artwork for promotional bookmarks, each formatted for printing, may be downloaded directly at these links for African American Newspapers, Caribbean Newspapers, Early American Imprints and Early American Newspapers.

Questions?  Looking for similar artwork for a different Readex collection? Please contact

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