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Readex Announces Major New Digital Collections for Fall 2017

Posted on 08/30/2017

Readex is pleased to announce five new digital collections for students and scholars in American studies, history, literature, politics, popular culture and many related areas.

Nineteenth-Century American Drama: Popular Culture and Entertainment, 1820-1900

Drama2.jpgIn the nineteenth century drama became the most popular form of entertainment in America while taking on myriad forms: historical plays, melodramas, political satires, black minstrel shows, comic operas, musical extravaganzas, parlor entertainments, adaptations of novels and more. All of these—more than 4,700 works in total—can be found in Nineteenth-Century American Drama: Popular Culture and Entertainment. This unique and comprehensive collection sheds new light on an enormous range of heavily studied topics, including daily life in the United States; politics, both local and national; culture in all of its forms; and the shifting and evolving tastes of Americans from across the country. Learn more.

African Americans and Reconstruction: Hope and Struggle, 1865-1883

Reconstruction.JPGCreated from the Library Company of Philadelphia’s acclaimed Afro-Americana Collection, African Americans and Reconstruction provides the raw material of African-American history across nearly 20 crucial years. This powerful digital resource brings together in a single place many of the most significant works by and about African Americans during a period of hope and struggle. Nearly 1,400 fully searchable printed works, essential for understanding African-American life from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of Jim Crow, cover such critically important subjects as the development of African-American identity; descriptions of African-American life—both slave and free; slavery and race; eyewitness accounts of African-American life in the South, the North and elsewhere; and official reports on the “progress” of African Americans. Also included are important works of fiction, poetry and drama. Learn more.

African Americans and Jim Crow: Repression and Protest, 1883-1922

Jim Crow.JPGThis one-of-a-kind digital resource offers a comprehensive survey of the black experience during the crucial period from post-Reconstruction through the early 1920s. Created from the Library Company of Philadelphia’s acclaimed Afro-Americana Collection, African Americans and Jim Crow provides more than 1,000 fully searchable printed works critical for insight into African-American culture and life. Capturing voices of, by, for and about African Americans during a pivotal period of segregation and disenfranchisement, this collection covers the evolution of African-American identity; eyewitness accounts of African-American life throughout the U.S.; relationships between African Americans and peoples of other nations; race in literature; and much more. Using this multifaceted collection researchers can easily uncover patterns of thought and compare points of view comprehensively. Learn more.

Early American Newspapers, Series 14, 1807-1880: The Expansion of Urban America

EAN 14.JPGFocusing on daily life in the American metropolis, Early American Newspapers, Series 14, 1807-1880, offers digital editions of many of the most notable 19th-century newspapers from America’s urban centers.  It delivers long runs of 48 major titles published in 34 towns and cities in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Each title in Series 14 has been selected not only to represent the new forms of journalism that emerged during this pivotal period in U.S. history, but also to enable longitudinal studies—an increasingly popular methodology for historical and literary research. Together, their outstanding coverage of daily metropolitan life, politics, literature, religion and popular culture in the 19th-century U.S. will enable students and scholars to make fresh discoveries within innumerable topics crucial to American studies. Learn more.

Early American Imprints, Series II: Supplement 3 from the American Antiquarian Society, 1801-1819

Shaw Shoe Supp 3.JPGTo understand the United States in the first two decades of the 19th century, students and scholars have depended for generations on Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker. Now this renowned digital collection has been supplemented for an anticipated final time from the remarkable holdings of the American Antiquarian Society. More than 1,700 rare and diverse works—all newly catalogued and digitized from the originals—cover a wide range of disciplines and address a host of increasingly studied topics. Never before have researchers had the opportunity to study this pivotal period in such a comprehensive way—both in the classroom and beyond. This multi-disciplinary supplement is ideal for courses on 19th-century American history and literature. It will also be essential for scholars of economics, sociology, anthropology, and geography as well as legal, ethnic, religious and women’s studies. Learn more.

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