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'American Libraries' Reports on Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives

Posted on 05/26/2017

In the Solutions section of its May 2017 issue, American Libraries writes:

AM cover large.JPG“Readex…has introduced a new family of primary source archives. Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives brings together digital resources comprising primary source documents from around the world that focus on five separate categories: apartheid; American race relations; the Cold War; immigrations, migrations, and refugees; and the Middle East and North Africa. Each of these categories includes original sources, such as government publications, newspapers, and transcribed television and radio broadcasts, as well as US government analysis, collected by the CIA between 1941 and 1996.

“With increasing interest in immigration, race relations, unrest in the Middle East, and tensions between the US and Russia, these collections offer access to valuable sources that can provide history and context for current situations. The focus on sources from outside the US also allows researchers to explore these topics beyond current political frameworks.

“Readex recently introduced ‘suggested searches’ for these resources, a linked outline of the main subject within each collection. This feature gives users the ability to browse by topic and guides them to key concepts, perspectives, and analysis within the source documents. This feature is especially helpful for those who are browsing or just beginning their research.”

To learn more about Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees—the featured collection in the article above—we offer this brief video:

For more information on any of the five Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives collections, including pricing for your institution, please contact

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