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The More Things Change: Selected U.S. Congressional Serial Set Documents, 1983

Posted on 04/19/2010

Twenty-seven years ago, the government publications listed below were published in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. They came from the 1st Session of the 98th Congress, 1983. When I scan the titles of these publications, I have to wonder whether they really were published that long ago because the issues are just as relevant today, if not more. Here are a half dozen that strike me as particularly timely:  

What changes are most needed in the procedures used in the United States justice system? (Serial Set II Vol. No. 13497 98th Congress, 1st Session S.Doc. 5 945 p. 1983)

Should producers of hazardous waste be legally responsible for injuries caused by the waste? (Serial Set II Vol. No. 13527 98th Congress, 1st Session H.Doc. 93 594 p. 1983)

Emergency mathematics and science education act. (Serial Set II Vol. No. 13533 98th Congress, 1st Session H.Rpt. 6 121 p. February 17, 1983)


Calling for a mutual and verifiable freeze on and reductions in nuclear weapons. (Serial Set II Vol. No. 13534 98th Congress, 1st Session H.Rpt. 31 15 p. March 14, 1983)

The consequences of nuclear war on the global environment. (Serial Set II Vol. No. 13541 98th Congress, 1st Session H.Rpt. 344 92 p. August 3, 1983)

The interrelationship of funding for the arts at the federal, state, and local levels. (Serial Set II Vol. No. 13545 98th Congress, 1st Session H.Rpt. 547 65 p. November 15, 1983).

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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