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Readex Announces New Collections Coming Fall 2018

Posted on 06/13/2018

Readex is pleased to announce several new digital collections created in partnership with such leading repositories as the American Antiquarian Society, The British Library, and others.  Coming fall 2018, these primary source collections are designed to meet wide-ranging teaching and research needs in diverse areas of American and African studies. 

African Newspapers: The British Library Collection

AN BL image.JPGCreated in partnership with the British Library, this unique database features 64 newspapers from across the African continent, all published before 1900. From culture to history to geopolitics, the pages of these newspapers offer fresh research opportunities for students and scholars interested in topics related to Africa, including European exploration, colonial exploitation, economics, Atlantic trade, early moves towards self-governance, the growth of South Africa, and much more. Because Africa produced comparatively few newspapers in the 19th century, each page in this collection is significant, offering invaluable insight into the people, issues and events that shaped the continent. Through eyewitness reporting, editorials, letters, advertisements, obituaries, and military reports, the newspapers in this one-of-a-kind collection chronicle African history and daily life as never before.

American Policy Series

APS image.JPGThis powerful new resource has been designed to make the American Story relevant to today’s student. Built from the world’s most acclaimed collection of primary sources, American Policy Series (APS) captures the story of America as only Readex can do. APS covers four centuries of America: early foundations of government; the American Revolution; westward expansion; slavery and its consequences; the Civil War; growth in the late nineteenth century; American expansion in the twentieth century; immigration and civil rights; America’s achievements—technology, science, and diplomacy; America’s wars; politics and peoples; and all branches of government—how they work, what they do—across the entire period. APS presents numerous discovery modules that align directly with textbooks and classroom activities in five crucial areas of the curriculum: American Government, Public Policy, American History, American Politics/Political Science, and Civics.

Early American Newspapers, Series 15, 1822-1879: Immigrant Communities

EAN 15 image.JPGIn 1800, America had fewer than 100,000 foreign-born citizens; in 1880 there would be more than six million. Newspapers published by and for these newly arrived immigrants began in America’s Eastern seaboard cities, but by the 1840s they had spread into the heartland. In some communities new immigrants were welcomed, but in others they fell victim to ethnic or religious prejudice. Early American Newspapers, Series 15, 1822-1879: Immigrant Communities, is designed to provide a one-of-a-kind window into both sides of this uniquely American story. Series 15 contains 160 immigrant papers, many of which are considered the most important 19th-century publications of this genre. Complementing these and providing valuable context are traditional, general-interest newspapers published contemporaneously in those same cities or regions.

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